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Confer events held to date in 2008, including information and programmes from conferences, seminars and workshops.

October - December 2008: The psychotherapeutic challenge of working with envy
8 Seminars: While envy at a conscious level can lead to aspiration and achievement, it is widely agreed that unconscious envy is expressed in destructive impulses towards the other. Perhaps because of this intersubjective tension it can be one of the most intractable and elusive processes to work with psychotherapeutically and, if unidentified, envy may impair therapeutic progress.
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September 2008: Psychological Trauma and the Child
Conference: Whether you are working psychotherapeutically with a child or adult, the patient's past experiences - even from birth - will be fundamental to the present predicament that brought them into therapy.
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July 2008: The Relational Heart
Conference: A multi-disciplinary conference on the heart, its emotional intelligence and important implications for clinical practice.
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July 2008: Being a Psychotherapist
Seminar: A seminar designed to support psychotherapists and counsellors in your work. Everything you need to know about the law as it relates to practice and law as it will or may relate to professional regulation.
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July 2008: Beyond Interpretation
Clinical seminar: In this three-part seminar, Patrick Casement will explore some of the origins of love and the search for love.
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May 2008: Spiritual Narratives and Psychological Therapies II
Conference: Working psychotherapeutically with the patient's spiritual issues.
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May 2008: The Practitioner's Body
Conference: Deepening our knowledge of the functioning of one's own body in the therapist-patient/client interaction.
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April 2008: Therapeutic alliance
Seminars: The working alliance considered from a range of contemporary theoretical and clinical approaches. April 9 - June 11, Belsize Lane, London.
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April 2008: Cultural Identities and Psychological Therapies
Conference: An intercultural approach to psychotherapy and counselling. 4 - 5 April, Holloway Road, London.
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