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Confer events held in 2007, including information and programmes from conferences, seminars and workshops.

November 2007: Working-through early trauma in the transference
Seminar: Patrick Casement. 23 November, Brunei Gallery, SOAS, London.
Download programme PDF 280KB

November 2007: The Power of Touch
Conference: Research, theory and practice in bodywork and other touch-based therapies. 2-3 November, University of Westminster, London
Download programme PDF 500KB

September 2007: The Science of the Art of Psychotherapy
Seminar and workshops: Dr Allan Schore: "right-brain" emotional and relational processes, embodied and somatic states. 28-29 September, Helsinki, Finland
Download programme PDF 2.5MB

Autumn 2007: The Pain of Narcissism and its Psychotherapeutic Treatment
Seminar series: Working with narcissistic disorders. 24 September - 19 November, Belsize Lane, London
Download programme PDF 560KB

September 2007: Borderline Personality Disorder as a Maturational Failure of the Right Brain
Seminar with Dr Allan Schore. 19 September, Brunei Gallery, SOAS, London.
Download programme PDF 370KB

September 2007: Psychological Trauma and the Body
Conference: New methodologies to trransform practice. 15 - 17 September, Imperial College, London.
Download programme PDF 740KB

Spring 2007: The Depression Debate
Seminar series: Five panels discuss the dilemmas. 17 January - 7 March, Tavistock Centre, London
Download programme PDF 900KB

Autumn 2006 - Spring 2007: Psychotherapeutic Techniques for Affect Regulation
Presentation-workshops. 17 September - 29 January, The Royal College of GPs, London
Download programme PDF 350KB

Summer 2006 - Spring 2007: Managing the Emotional Challenges of General Practice
Conference-workshops: exploring the psychological dimensions of general practice. 7 July - 9 March, The Royal College of GPs, London
Download programme PDF 700KB